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Ireland Trip '07 077

Galway City, Ireland

This semester we will all be writing more…super-excited, right!  We will be sharing our thoughts about service, social issues, dilemmas in fiction and non-fiction; we will respond to each other’s ideas and efforts to serve in our local communities and on the SPSV campus, we will see the faces and the actions of service, and we will imagine the engagement between the characters and the landscapes in fiction and how this engagement shapes themes and ideas about our world.  Exciting…right! We have to remember that blogging is public and   therefore requires personal responsibility to be careful, thoughtful, articulate, and fair.  The level of language that we use in our posts needs to be high;

  • no crude expressions or foul language
  • when using images in your posts, make sure that they are appropriate for our SPSV community; no foul gestures, promotions of drug and alcohol use
  • use correct spelling and punctuation to the best of your abilities
  • practice use of articulate vocabulary; think about how to best express your thoughts
  • cite sources appropriately; avoid plagiarism

I am excited to explore blogging as a way to build our classroom community and engage with the larger SPSV community and the world.

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