Ethan Frome Chapters IV and V

Yesterday I asked you to annotate Chapter IV for examples and effects of figurative language.  We talked in class about Wharton’s use of weather, the temperature rose even though it was still cold, which increases the hope and energy Ethan has for his evening with Mattie.  In a paragraph, explain how Wharton uses the cat and the pickle dish in a figurative way.  Discuss how these symbols contribute to the meaning of the scene.  After this post, read and annotate Chapter V which continues the scene.

Engagement with Text

Part of the enjoyment of reading is imagining what characters look like and making predictions about what will happen next.  Reading imaginatively deepens reading comprehension and aids readers to understand themes and figurative language.  At the end of Chapter 3 of Ethan Frome, Zeena is set to spend the next night in Bettsbridge after visiting a doctor hoping to alleviate her “shooting pains.”  Ethan is transfixed by the thought of being alone with Mattie.  Create a post narrating what happens between Ethan and Mattie on this important night.  Try to adopt the writing style of Wharton with descriptive passages, figurative language, interior monologues, and dialog between Ethan and Mattie.  Read and comment on the narratives of the students in your subgroup.  I should also be able to see your avatar with your comments.

Personal Happiness and Responsibility

A central conflict to the novel that we will begin next week is the struggle between personal happiness and fulfilling commitments and responsibilities.  Think about your own struggles with these two powerful influences in our lives.  Write a paragraph (at least 7-10 sentences) and post it in your blog sharing your ideas on the connection between these two and if it is possible for an individual to satisfy both.